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Lungen-Check - English

The lung-check is an extensive exam for the early detection of lung function disorders and for the detection of the pulmonary function.

The Situation

If the lung is distressed it can have multiple impacts on the performance and quality of life. Breathing is very tightly knit to the physical and mental processes in humans.

Functional disorders of the lung become noticed through breathing disorders such as shortness of breath, repeated diseases of the upper airways, but also in a general diminished performance. Lung diseases do not arise suddenly; in many cases changes are not recognized or are not taken seriously.


Through regular early care exams, diseases can be detected early and losses in thefunctioning of the lungs can be prevented. Air build-up and shortness of breath will be counteracted with dedicated preventive care measures. Taking therapeutic measures early enough is a beginning for keeping your lungs healthy until old age. A healthy lung stands for high performance. Maintain this quality of life, as the elasticity of the lung diminishes with increasing age.

Our preventive care offer for you

In a detailed preliminary talk we obtain an overview of your existing disorders, pre-existing and accompanying disorders and present therapies. After an extensive exam of the respiratory organs and the heart further diagnostic steps will be established:

With the help of technical lung function exams and an x-ray clinical findings in the lungs can be ruled out or assured.

By performing special lab tests and tumor markers we can detect the presence of tumors of the lung or the bronchi for the most part. In conclusion we discuss with you the results of the exams and work on suggestions for furthering your lung health.

When is a lung-check recommended?

For preventive care, early detection and constant supervision – especially at

  • constant stress
  • daytime fatigue
  • sleep-related breathing disorders, changes in breathing
  • shortness of breath during slight performance
  • allergic asthmatic complaints
  • repeated tightness feeling or breathing-related pain in the chest
  • increased cough and mucus
  • increasingly thick mucus
  • smokers or ex-smokers
  • chronic bronchitis
  • repeated upper airway colds
  • performance athletes such as mountain climbers before a high performance challenge

The lung-check is an extensive exam for the early detection of lung function disorders and for the detection of the pulmonary function.


Our services

Preliminary talk, clinical exam, lung testing by means of a bodyplethysmography,consultation and review / treatment suggestions and report.

Lungen-Check-Flyer (german/ .pdf)