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Sleep- and Snore-Check

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Is snoring abnormal?

If one acquires apnea syndromes during snoring, the snoring person does not get any ai part of the time. The normal sleep pattern is interrupted by the fact that the sleeping person has to wake up more often to catch more air. The brain is also being supplied with less oxygen during the apnea syndromes. An untreated apnea syndrome can be the source for high blood pressure, heart insufficiency (diminished cardiac performance), heart rhythm disorders and the increasing tendency to suffer heart attacks and strokes in the long run.

Some people snore all their life without having a significant number of apnea syndromes. Nightly sleep is not being interrupted, as the body is being supplied with enough oxygen and rest periods.

The Situation

Sleep is one of the basic needs of your body. If your partner or family member observes you snoring at night, the following process takes place:

During sleep the body relaxes and also the throat muscles and the pharynx. You inhale through your mouth to get more air. This causes an air suction which in turn causes the rear velum and the uvula to vibrate. If the airways are blocked by this, turbulence arises in the palate: 


Our Solution

Uncover the secret of your sleep:In the case of early diagnosis and proper therapy, more serious secondary diseases can be prevented. A simple sleep-profile analysis, which you record in your own bed, creates certainty and provides information on your snore- and sleep behaviour.


Our Prevention Offer for you

With the help of a recorder equipped with various sensors which you attach to your body according to the instructions of your doctor before going to bed, nightly breathing disorders can be detected very well. After the recording is finished you take the recorder back to the office where your doctor analyses the data. After the diagnoses, further actions and therapeutic measures will be discussed.

When is a sleep-profile – analysis to be recommended?

Suspected sleep apnea – especially during

  • excessive fatigue in the morning or during the day
  • general exhaustion and diminished performance
  • so-called microsleep
  • excessive snoring
  • breathing pauses at night observed by the partner
  • known heart insufficiency /diminished cardiac performance
  • high blood pressure

In one or several symptoms the sleep- profile – analysis gives certainty, and worsesecondary diseases can be prevented.

Sleep- and Snore-Check

Our Services

Preliminary talk, clinical exam, handing out of a recording device (Sleep Apnea Screening), consultation and review / treatment suggestions and report.

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